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tomasjurco a écrit le 27 octobre 2016 à 17:30

TV Ratings: NFL Kickoff Game Down From 2015 & 2014 Openers | Deadline While the fourth year in a row that the Thursday season kickoff game has topped 25 million viewers, last night s match-up was down 8% from the near record viewership of last year s New England Patriots 28-21 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers on September 10, 2015. The Broncos come from 10-points behind win, which may have lost a number of viewers due to what looked like a blowout in the making, is also down 6% from the 2014 kickoff game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers which the Emerald City team won 36-16.The Broncos vs. Panthers game peaked from 9:30 9:45 PM with 27.7 million viewers, according to NBC.Now on to Phoenix and the Sunday start of Sunday Night Football.PREVIOUSLY, 7:06 AM: In the end, last night s kickoff game of the NFL s 2016-2017 season was a lot like Super Bowl 50: the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers. However, unlike the big game in February, Thursday s start to the regular season was on NBC not CBS, the now-retired Peyton Manning wasn t playing (though the ex-Broncos QB was there at the newly renamed Sports Authority Field), linebacker Brandon Marshall kneeled during the national anthem in protest, the Panthers Cam Newton established a new QB rushing touchdowns record, and the game was a potential blowout that became a nail-biter.NBC and the NFL must be thankful for that last point, as the Broncos eventual 21-20 victory was on the edge right up to the end of the primetime match-up which is always a ratings booster. However, the net and the league may have lost viewers before Denver overcame a 10-point deficit to rally and pull off a home victory with their new QB and a pack stadium full of orange clad fans. All of which eventually provided the drama that live sports promises and delivered the Comcast-owned net a 16.5/29 metered market rating.That s down 7% from the September 10, 2015 kickoff game between the Deflategated New England Patriots 28-21 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. With a 17.7/30 MM result, that 8:41-11: 29 PM ETbattle tied the 2010 New Orleans Saints-Minnesota Vikings game for the best NFL kickoff MM result since the Thursday game started in 2002.Going almost to midnight on the East Coast, last night s game was also down a touch from the Seattle Seahawks vs. Green Bay Packers match-up that kicked off the season on September 4, 2014. That game got 16.8/28 MM rating, up a tick from the 16.2/29 MM results of the 2013 kick0ff between the Broncos and the Baltimore Ravens.The Patriots vs. Steelers kickoff last year ended up with a 10.3 rating among adults 18-49 and 27.4 million viewers. That first number was pretty steady with the 2014 kickoff game demo results while the second one was just 0.36% short of being the most watched Thursday season opener ever. That 2010 Saints vs. Vikings game still hold the most watched record with 27.5 million tuning in.We ll update with more NFL kickoff numbers and other ratings, yes Big Brother was on too last night, as we get them later today. In the meantime, here are the Top 10 local markets for last night s game1. Denver 46.9/742. Charlotte 33.2/523. Greensboro 27.1/424. New Orleans 24.1/355. Raleigh 22.7/376. Albuquerque 21.5/367. Greenville 21.2/348. Indianapolis 21.0/369. Norfolk 20.7/3410. Richmond 20.3/33And there s still Sunday Night Football s formal kickoff to come:That s a wrap from Denver. See you tomorrow Phoenix! #NFLKickoff (@SNFonNBC) September 9, 2016UPDATE, 8:54 AM: Maybe it was the fact that at halftime the NFL kickoff game looked to be a lock for the Carolina Panthers with a 10-point lead over Super Bowl champs the Denver Broncos. Even with an impressive Broncos comeback to win the game 21-20, last night s match-up fell short of the 2015 opener.With an 8 Harrison Barnes Jersey.5/29 rating among adults 18-49 and 23.33 million viewers, the non-time zone adjusted fast affiliates were down 11% in the key demo from the early numbers of the New England Patriots 28-21 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers on September 10 last year. Viewershipwise, last night s game dipped 2% from last year s kickoff in the 8:30 11 PM slot though the battle between the two Super Bowl 50 teams actually went to almost 12 AM As we said earlier today, the 2015 Patriots vs. Steelers kickoff game eventually pulled in a near record 10.3 rating among adults 18-49 and 27.4 million viewers. We ll see what the Broncos vs. Panthers game ends up with later.The 8 PM NFL Kickoff Special (5.4/21) was even with last year s fast affiliate numbers as NBC easily dominated the night with an 8.0/28 rating and 22.03 million viewers.The only other original of last night was 9 PM s Big Brother (1.7/6), which was up a tenth from last week. Maybe the aging demo is finally catching up to the NFL. Plus all the training wheels (in the way of rules and penalties) they have attached has made the game somewhat sterile. Or maybe people don t appreciate the take a knee protests over imagined slights. NHL all the way for me this year. I will not watch one NFL game period. I am boycotting the NFL and the NBA. slow down the cash flow kneel all you want babies, but i m taking my viewership off of the table. If players do not want to stand for the national anthem and the NFL is ok with it I will not watch games.I bled red, white and blue long before I bled orange.NFL is playing with fire here.. I won t contribute $$ to have these players turn around and spit on everything I love. Turned it off last night, and will turn off both ESPN and The NFL for the season based on their commentary so far.Premier League and MLS here I come. EXACTLY. Time for the NFL to straighten out their employees or the bleeding will continue. I am not watching teams who allow this disrespect to our nation and the thousands who have died protecting it. My rights include a channel selector on the TV. The NFL s disrespect to the flag (and the republic for which is stand), is throwing ice water on this season. Quickly losing all interest in watching any games. if the players keep protesting against our flag you ll start seeing more and more of a decline in viewership. Yes, and I clicked off that game the moment the camera focused on that loser kneeling down. Get used to it, NFL. So far, that makes three NFL teams I ll ignore completely: SF, SEA and DEN. Care to add to your list? How about ignoring every team? That s coming. We turned the game off after Brandon Marshall s stunt. We will only watch teams whose players show a love and respect for the country that has afforded them so much. Don t watch any NFL games, period. This is an NFL problem not a team or individual problem and the entire league must be boycotted!!! People who watch football generally are more conservative and are getting sick of all the high paid thugs on the field misbehaving and rich billionaire owners who do nothing about it. This will be a trend. As far back as I can remember my interests in sports, I ve been a football fan. I played in High School and have followed several teams throughout the years. After various disappointments (including the politics in certain Super-Bowl half-time shows), and now this egregious display of stupidity by some of the NFL players and teams; I m done. I won t say I will not watch the Super Bowl this year because I ve always been an addict! but I m thinking I m boycotting the whole thing. I m done with it. I ll find other ways to spend my time. This failure of players to show respect to our flag and national anthem is the last straw for me. I m done. If I want politics, I ll watch political shows/coverage. If the NFL and ESPN want to become political platform shows leverage off sports, well I ll go ride my motorcycle, or do something else. Maybe I ll even start watching NASCAR. First it was drugs, then it was beating women, now it s sitting for the national anthym. So, we re done with the N.F.L. period. Those who take a knee or sit during the national anthem as a protest are ignorant to all those who have done great things. Shame on you, you can find a better way to make your point without being disrespectful to others How about getting involved in stopping violence, be a role model instead of showing the world you would rather enable excuses for bad behavior with no consequences. I for one will not watch a sporting event when disrespectful behavior to our country is condoned. I don t need NFL football if the NFL and it s over paid prima donna thug players want to flip the bird to the USA and it s people then I ve got other things to do than watch a bunch of tattooed mental midgets knock each other down. I am done with the NFL. Too many commercials. Boring. The silly, lie-based, pro-BLM protests by a growing number of self-aggrandized players is the last straw. Too many commercials is right. The TV timeouts and multiple commercials now completely destroy the flow of the game. NFL games are well nigh unwatchable now and the these players insulting a whole country has finished it for me. As soon as I saw him take a knee and disrespect the national anthem and the flag and this country I turned it off and will do so for every NFL game I see this happen. College sports are way better. I d rather watch high school football than the NFL. To me, the NFL start of the season games are taking a back seat to the anti-American protests the (mainly) minority NFL players are hatching. It s not for me, this kvetching about a vague sense of oppression these millionaires believe exists in, evidently, an overwhelming way within the USA.Why the slipping interest in watching ungrateful millionaires push each other around a field, then bombastically preening and strutting around like they did something great, instead of just doing their job? The past 8 years have been an unmitigated disaster for the US and her people. Politics of racial division have ruined much of football for me and my friends. If the Seahawks fall to this artifice of falseness set up by BLM and presidential operatives will cause the final nail to be driven into the NFL s coffin. Myself, an original Seahawks season ticket holder, will turn my back on a team that is morally held to ransom by racial politics, and hypocritically blaming cops and The System, for imagined oppression. I will have seen my last game, in person, on the tube, or in films. An organisation bereft of moral leadership doesn t deserve my support or even a thought, from me. The NFL will be facing the same blight as baseball did, when the players were striking. However, in this case, the highly overpaid players are using America s favorite sport as a racial forum. This is not the place. As a 100% disabled veteran, and of 23 years of active duty to include time in Viet Nam and the first Gulf Wars, fire the protestors, if they can not at least stand up for the flag and show respect for a country, whereby, they are making millions off up the common man and woman via their tickets, marketing, et al. well said, but most of all thank you for your service to help keep America free so some over compensated people can tell us how repressed they are Why should the NFL fire anybody for conduct that doesn t violateany league policy? The ratings are only down from last year whenyou had two teams with national followings Jonathan Gibson Jersey, and led by future Hallof Famers.This is a monster of the league s own making.All theyhave to do is change the policy or better yet,address the real issuewhich has been the NFL crafting an image linking the sport to theAmerican military industrial complex by serving as a recruiting toolwith flyovers and Navy SEAL parachute drops.The sport of footballhas become a cultural expression of American military aggressionand that needs to stop.If you want to present the flag have it be aBoy Scout troop or old veterans Dorian Finney-Smith Jersey.The ratings are in line with Seattle vs Green Bay from two years ago.Did you guys boycott the league when domestic violence,child abusedrug use,gun possession and deflated balls were the hot button issueseffecting the league?Enough with the Obama started all the racial division B.S.The GOP has trafficked in white resentment for decades andanybody who thinks alleged police brutality has not been anissue in the black community for decades has not been payingattention the LA riots?Was the President a Democratwhen that city burned?If you can t handle a black man being more then a prop in yoursports fantasies,by all means don t watch the games. Keep it! Keep your product, NFL. I m no longer buying. I m no longer interested. A few years of slowly pushing me away with greed and scandals and lying and cheating. Now just a voice for millionaire crybabies and false narrative pushing thugs, but no place for a solemn police tribute. I say keep it! My money and my time now go elsewhere. You did it. You took a game that a kid who grew up in the shadow of the Hall Of Fame, and played from 4th grade on up; and you ruined it! Shame on you. Watching football is relaxing to me. Watching the players protest makes it political and non relaxing. Tried to watch but could not. I want to be done with it. I want my relaxation back. The fact that it was on NBC and nobody in their right mind can listen to Cris Collinsworth for three hours and Bob Costas pontificate at halftime. NFL blocks Cowboys from wearing the sticker to support the fallen officers yet defends others supporting a domestic terrorist group BLM who says cops should fry and protesting the flag/country. Yea, I m done with the NFL. My protest is simply not watching and not buying any merchandise. Maybe I m -not the only one boycotting the NFL this season since it is okay to support cop-kiling Black Lives Matter (Beyonce Super Bowl halftime show) and take a knee to protest racist America , but it is NOT okay for the Dallas Cowboys to wear a small, barely-noticeable sticker to honor five Dallas police officers gunned down by a BLM sympathizer. I have suspended the NFL for four games (= four weekends) due to Roger Goodell s Brady rulings. Wonder if others have done the same. These protests have turned me off to the game. Won t purchase NFL Sunday Ticket this year. Netflix Nears Series Order For Racially Charged Drama From The Killing Creator, The Accountant Director

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